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Studio Pro Kit



Stills MNL’s Studio Pro Kit is a composite of Profoto’s flagship power pack, the Pro-8a 2400, and the venerable Acute2R 2400 workhorses. Designed for power, speed and flexibility, this kit provides up to 2400 watts of energy from each flash head, blindingly fast recycle times, and, combined with Profoto Light Shaping tools, infinite lighting possibilities.


The kit includes:

2 x ProfotoPro-8a Power Packs
2 x Profoto Pro Head Plus
2 x Profoto Acute2R 2400 Power Packs
2 x Profoto Acute/ D4  Heads
4 x Avenger Turtle Base C-Stand (9.8′, Chrome-plated) A2030D with Arm
1 x Softbox RFi 2×3′ (60X90CM)
1 x  Softbox RFi 3′ OCTA (90CM)
2 x Softbox RFi 1×6′ (30X180CM)
1 x Magnum or Softlight Reflector (Silver or White)
8 x Sand bags
Rate / Day : $1,500 + Survival Kit


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